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COVID-19 Information

Now More Than Ever, We’re ALL IN™ This Together

These are challenging times. In adjusting to the social distancing requirements brought on by COVID-19, many people are coping with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and loneliness. For those living with lupus nephritis, concerns about health and wellness may be even greater.

But while social distancing may keep us apart physically, our hope is that the ALL IN community can support you in feeling connected to others living with lupus nephritis. ALL IN wants to help you feel less alone during this pandemic. To support you during this time, ALL IN would like to share with you some activities that you may find helpful—not only in connecting with others but in caring for yourself.

Socialize virtually

Although we can’t socialize with others in-person right now, phone calls, social media sites, and online meeting tools may help us feel connected with those we love while keeping ourselves and others safe.

Build a support network

It’s important to have people such as family, friends, and co-workers that you can turn to for support. Another option is joining an online support group. In an online community, you can talk about your feelings or concerns in a caring and supportive environment while listening to others share their own experiences. For more information on advocacy groups and online communities, click here.

Participate in an activity you enjoy

Living with lupus nephritis may feel overwhelming at times. Engaging in an activity you enjoy such as cooking, gardening, or reading may help refocus your attention and provide a much-needed break during challenging times.

Practice self-care

Proper rest and nutrition as well as appropriate physical activity are important healthy habits for anyone, but especially for those living with lupus nephritis. To learn more about eating right and exercising with lupus nephritis, click here. Always talk with your physician before you start or make any changes to your diet and exercise plan.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If you need help or support, consider reaching out to a family member, friend, or co-worker. Contact your doctor if you have any health-related questions. You may also want to consider looking into supportive counseling, if needed.

Sources of Information About COVID-19

The following resources offer information about COVID-19 for people living with lupus nephritis and lupus. Please note that Aurinia does not endorse or monitor the activities and content of the following National Advocacy Groups or Government and Health Agencies. The following resources offer information about COVID-19 for people living with lupus nephritis and lupus.

National Advocacy Groups

Lupus and Allied Diseases Association—Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Lupus

Learn more about COVID-19 and special precautions for those at higher risk.

Lupus Foundation of America—Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Lupus

Get news and updates on COVID-19 and resources that may help you with your emotional and physical health.

Lupus Research Alliance – COVID-19 News

Relevant information, news and frequently asked questions as it relates to COVID-19 and its effect on the lupus nephritis and lupus community.

National Kidney Foundation—Be Prepared: Kidney Patient Prep for Coronavirus

Learn how you can reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19, discover kidney-healthy food items, and understand the importance of maintaining medical appointments.

Government and Health Agencies

Centers for Disease Control—Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn ways to help protect yourself from COVID-19.

U.S. Department of Labor—Coronavirus Resources

Get information about workplace safety, wages, hours, leave time, unemployment insurance, and support for workers in various industries.

World Health Organization

Visit this site for the latest updates on COVID-19 including country-specific responses to the pandemic and global research and development efforts.

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