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Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit

Actual people living with lupus nephritis and/or their care partners.

Be informed and empowered with the ALL IN™ Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit

Be informed and empowered with the ALL IN™ Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit

The ALL IN program is a community of support for those affected by lupus nephritis. To help raise awareness of lupus nephritis and to empower those living with the condition, ALL IN has created the Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit with insights from members of the community.

Inside the kit you'll find resources to help increase your understanding of lupus nephritis along with tips to help manage your condition. If you're interested in receiving a kit and becoming an ALL IN member, click below.

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Interested in learning more? Your Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit will include:

Glossary of Lupus Nephritis Terms

Understand the meaning behind many common lupus nephritis terms so that you can better understand your condition and speak confidently with others about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lupus Nephritis

Help expand your knowledge of lupus nephritis and how to manage it by reviewing answers to some frequently asked questions.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Lupus Nephritis

Be better prepared for having conversations about lupus nephritis with your doctor. Consider printing this guide and bringing it with you to your healthcare appointments.

How to Talk with Family and Friends About Lupus Nephritis

Discussing lupus nephritis with your family and friends may be difficult at times. Get tips to help you communicate your thoughts and feelings to those closest to you.

Caring for Someone with Lupus Nephritis: A Guide for Care Partners

For those who care for someone with lupus nephritis, this resource offers tips to help care partners better support their loved one as well as themselves.

Sample Employer or School Letter

Consider referring to this sample letter when preparing a letter to notify your employer or school about your condition, including considerations for creating a healthy working or learning environment.

Use this USB drive provided in your kit to download the resources created for you.


Can't wait to receive your Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit in the mail? Once registered, you will have immediate access to all the digital resources with a link provided in your confirmation email.

Wear and share these disease awareness bracelets to show your support of the lupus nephritis community.

All In for Lupus Bracelets

Help raise awareness of lupus nephritis by wearing one of our #ALLINforLN bracelets and sharing the other one with a family member or friend.

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