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Message to Your Kidneys

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Looking for inspiration from the community? Take a look below to view messages created by people affected by lupus nephritis.

Creating your kidney message is easy. Just provide your first name and write a message that comes from the heart. Your words can be a source of inspiration for others struggling with lupus nephritis. Once you're done with your message, review the Terms and Conditions and click "Submit".

Terms and Conditions

Please read this acknowledgement carefully before agreeing to its terms. By providing your “first name” and “message”, you acknowledge that you understand and agree as follows:

1) I am voluntarily sharing my “message” with Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. and the ALL INTM program. I understand that by doing so my “first name” and “message” may be publicly available from Aurinia-owned websites, social media, materials, and presentations (collectively “Publications”) for the benefit of Aurinia. I authorize the use of such Publications, or any portion thereof, in any other manner or media at any time or times throughout the world in perpetuity, to use my “first name” and “message” in printed or digital media for Aurinia and its affiliates.

2) I understand that my “message” may contain personal and health information, including a reference or inference to my lupus nephritis diagnosis or other diagnoses. I understand that my “message”, including my personal and health information, will not be maintained as confidential by agreeing to these terms and clicking “Submit”.

3) I understand that it is within Aurinia’s sole discretion to use and share my “message”. I understand that messages that include specific drugs, medications, treatments, or profanity and that are defamatory, libelous, and/or offensive will not be shared. I also understand that Aurinia, at its discretion, may remove my post for any reason at any time.

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