Video Testimonials

There is no substitute for hearing directly from people living with lupus nephritis. Shared experiences can go far to help increase your understanding of your condition and provide you with tools and tips to help manage it. Take a moment to explore our newly expanded video library and hear from others with lupus nephritis as they share their challenges, discoveries and triumphs.

Nas & Pam Video

Nas & Pam

Following an unexpected diagnosis of lupus nephritis and lupus, a young man discovers a new outlook on life with the loving support of his mom.

Sara Video


Leaving a job she loved at age 30 because of lupus nephritis, a professional woman learns to adjust her lifestyle to accommodate for her diagnosis.

Dina (Part 1) Video

Dina (Part 1)

A young woman speaks about her challenging path to a lupus nephritis and lupus diagnosis and her goal of not letting her diagnosis define her.

Dina (Part 2) Video

Dina (Part 2)

The desire to become pregnant becomes a journey filled with both fear and hope.

Carly Video


A determined woman takes us through her daily journey of living with lupus nephritis and ways she tries to better manage her health and wellness.

Gabrielle Video


A 35-year-old woman on dialysis learns to live a fulfilling life with the help of her husband and healthcare team.

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First-hand Perspectives

If you are living with lupus nephritis, we'd like to hear your story.

The following are quotes from actual people living with lupus nephritis. Read on to learn more about their personal stories.

On challenges

Every month, and sometimes more than once a month, I have doctors' appointments to keep. Having a full-time job makes this challenging.

Gabrielle, diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2009

It's hard to keep up with all the doctors and know who to ask what, and who's responsible for watching certain levels and monitoring specific things.

MaryAnna, diagnosed with lupus in 2015; showing signs of lupus nephritis

On hope and perseverance

One of my biggest philosophies in life even prior to my diagnosis is trying to remain as positive as possible and just making sure that we're focused on the people, the things, and the experiences that matter the most and to let go of all of the small things that really don't matter in the long run.

Dina, diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 1994

There's gonna’ be ups, there's gonna’ be downs, but from where I've came until where I am now, I have so much to be appreciative for.

Nas, diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2017

Advice for newly diagnosed patients

Initially in my journey I had a difficult time finding support. I also did not want support at the beginning, but I did eventually seek out resources online as well as in person, but mostly online where I did find a group of patients and caregivers of people affected by lupus, lupus nephritis, and other chronic illnesses. It has been paramount to me getting along on my journey.

Carly, diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2011

Very quickly I realized that there was a lot of work I had to do outside of the doctor's office in order to make my life successful. One of those was exercise, one of those was really listening to my body, and becoming much more self-aware than I had ever been in the past.

Sara, diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2004